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| Saturday, October 29, 2005

Due to his filming committments for the movie Mo Gong, last year Best Actor Andy Lau confirmed that he would not be able to attend Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards as he apologise to the fans!

With regards to Andy unable to come to the ceremony, Golden Horse Film Awards secretary Lee Ya Mei expressed that she felt rather regretted but everyone knows that Andy is a very professional artistes, believed that he had tried his best to find time to attend, Golden Horse understands his situation, we welcome him again next year!

Due to Andy's unable to attend, the prize presenter list need to be re-arrange as 85% of the prize presenters had already confirmed their attendance, with the absence of Andy, it had to be re-arranged. Leon Lai and Aaron Kowk had yet replied their attendance and Jackie Chan was still in discussion with them.

Andy's latest movie, All About Love had collected $8 million within 8 days of screening. In addition, it had also done well in Singapore, Malaysia and Mainland China.

Andy whom was currently busy with the shooting of Mo Gong in Beijing was delighted after being told of the good news, Andy says: "Just screened for 8 days and had such good results. I was told of the good news from my colleagues in Hong Kong. Other than particpating in the Tokyo Film Festival, the Korean film distributors also cried after watching the movie as they sing praise that the movie is very touching as they bought it to be screened in Korea, we were also in discussion with European distributors. I think I should celebrate with Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and the crew members!"

But when he request director Jacob Chang to release him back to Hong Kong for celebration, however Jacob shakes his head and says: "Sorry, cannot."

After a day of shooting and after discussing of the scripts, Andy asked Jacob once again if he could return to Hong Kong for celebration and attending the Golden Horse Film Awards. Andy sighs: "Director, it's okay if you don't release me back to Hong Kong for celebration, but if you don't release me to attend the Golden Horse Film Awards, I afraid that I would be mistaken that I didn't attend as I was not nominated!"

Jacob than quipped: "You'll be in Beijing shooting this new movie, I'll accompany you to the Golden Horse Film Awards next year! I believe the Golden Horse committee is understanding, nobody would mistaken that you didn't attend as you was not nominated, previously Andy Lau didn't won the Best Actor award nor was nominated for many years, but everyone remembers that he would attend and support the ceremony every year! Therefore, you need not worry, you just concentrate on Mo Gong!"

After hearing what the director had said, Andy had nothing to say as he had to stay in Beijing to work.

news from: China Daily Times, udn news, Sina.com