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| Wednesday, November 02, 2005

After The Myth and Wait 'Til You're Older, the most anticipated Hong Kong produced movie would be Johnnie To's Election. With the recent year's triad-police movies and being a Johnnie's production, it's a box office gurantee, released after The Myth and Wait 'Til You're Older, the results of Election should exceed the former 2 movies, let's check at the figures:

It collected $1080,000 on its opening day, it drops $50,000 the second, whereas the third, fourth and weekends see it collected $1530,000 and $1660,000, a total of $8170,000 after 7 days of screening, up till 30 October, it had collected a total of $1,1610,000, so would it exceeded The Myth and Wait 'Til You're Older? We would know soon.

Jackie Chan's The Myth had a major promotion as its commercial can be seen on TV at all times, however facing against Andy Lau's Wait 'Til You're Older, it lose out as it collected $1,7060,000 after 39 days of screening, an average of $490,000 per day, whereas Wait 'Til you're Older collected $2,0060,000 after 32 days of screening , an average of $627,000 per day (figures was compiled up to 30 October). It's common seeing who win and lose in the box office takings, but for a Jackie Chan major production losing out to a local production, especially a differences of $3000,000, it could have due to the genre of the movie, for an international market, it's hard to win the Hong Kong audience.

Andy's continue to be creative had found rewards as after Wait 'Til You're Older, he releases All About Love which collected $8880,000 after 11 days of screening, believed it would break the $10000,000 mark within 2 weeks, it could be considered a fruitful month for Andy's movies.

news from: Wei Wen Po