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| Saturday, November 05, 2005

When talked about her numerous male co-stars, Sammi Cheng revealed that she prefer to be cast as husband and wife with Andy Lau. She says: "I'll collaborate with Andy for so many times, thus we naturally built a certain chemistry. This chemistry comes immediately when we walked together and need not search for the feeling slowly. I remembered that during our last collaboration in Yesterday Once More, director Johnnie To told us that he's not sure how to guide us to be husband and wife as we do looked like husband and wife when we're together."

Sammi added: "If I was to marry, I think I'll find someone like Lau Ching Wan because he already prove himself to be a very good husband, he's married and have a good relationship with his wife, I feel that after experiencing marriage, Lau Ching Wan should be a person that knows about marriage, I hope that person whom love me could be like him."

news from: Sina.com