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| Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Andy Lau would be releasing his Cantonese compiliation and new songs album in December but his old record company Capita Record seize the chance to release a album that include 3 un-released songs that he recorded 20 years ago and comes with free topless photographs. The un-released songs includes 'Di Er Chi De Ai', 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing' which the latter 2 were sang by Leslie Cheung before. The 3 songs were recorded in 1985, then he was being put into cold storage by TVB thus the songs were not released but Capital Records also did not inform him of the release.

With regards to the matter, Andy said: "Actually I'm not singing Leslie's songs, 'Wo Yuan Yi', 'Xin Zhong Qing' and 'Wei Ni Zhong Qing' were songs prepared by Capital for me in my first album but with my contract dispute, production of my album stopped after I finished recorded 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing', when I was being put into cold storage, the songs were passed to Leslie to sing. When I re-sign my singing contract with TVB in 1995, Capital then officially recorded songs for me, thus in my first album, the 3 songs were not included."

Andy exclaimed that then he was a newcomer and have no decision on things, he doesn't mind the songs passed to Leslie to sing as he's happy that Leslie made the songs popular. Then, he himself made the decision not to sign his artiste contract with TVB, thus missed the chance to sing the popular songs, it's his own decision, there will be gain and loss in one's life, don't be too calculative. However, he objected the idea of being asked to remove his clothes to take photographs for his album sleeve, being a newcomer, he don't dare to object the company, he was not satisfied of the photograph either, Capital promise him that the topless photographs would not be used at all, never expected after 20 years, without being informed, the words were "eaten" by them.

Andy sighs: "Luckily I was not fat during that time, how could the topless photographs be presentable? Haha!"

Andy's new album will be released on 13 December, is Capital thinking of fighting business with him? Andy quipped in the long-distance phone-call: "It's nothing of fighting business, it had different collective value, but I won't get any sales benefit. Everybody could enjoy my songs of different stage of me from these 2 albums and feel my improvements and change in style over the years, it's not bad."

Meanwhile, the press conference of 2005 Joint-stations music awards was held yesterday. Miriam Yeung feel that Joey Yung and Andy would become the winner of this year's Media award. Joey tipped Andy to become the biggest winner as she quipped that when comes to year end, Andy would be very strong!

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily News