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| Sunday, November 27, 2005

Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Ahn Sung-kee, Wing Si Won were currently shooting their new movie - Battle of Wits (Muk-gong) in Beijing.

As the weather started to turn cold, with the filming location in the rural area, snow was spotted in the morning and the lake frozen, director Jacob Chang was worried of the change in weather as if it started to snow, it would be difficult to carry on filming, the crew had to finish shooting of war scenes before it started to snow, thus every actor had to stay at Beijing and no leave would be granted, everyone had to continue filming with the cold wind blowing.

Sundream Motion Pictures arranged close to 100 reporters to visit the filming set as they get to witness the Liang City which was built with millions of dollars.

After a few days of rest in Hong Kong, Andy return to the shooting of Battle of Wits in Hebei, although his leg injury yet to recover fully as he still need to undergo physio therapy but he still risk his injury to continue filming, his attitude is professional.

Andy, Nicky and a group of actors were shooting a scene where they had a discussion before going to battle, and a war scene. As Andy injured his leg earlier, he could hide his wound throughout the shooting, he says: "I changed a new support for my leg while I'm in Hong Kong, not only that I could bend it, it also won't affect me when filming action scenes, I filmed a scene where I was riding a horse yesterday."

Andy added: "Shooting this movie, the biggest problem is bathing, I need to purchase a water heater, but there's only hot water and no cold water, there's no bathtub in my hotel room, thus I have to buy a bathtub. After work everyday, first time to do when I'm back in my room is to open the tap to fill up the bathtub with hot water, then wait till it's not so hot before I can bath."

If the working environment was not so dusty, he would not waste an effort to bath if he was too tired, he quipped: "It's troublesome to do so much just to bath, but the location shooting venue's environment is poor, it's not as bad as location shooting of House of Flying Daggers in Ukraine, there is nothing to eat there, at least there's many things to eat here."

However, Andy still need help when going down the stairs. When asked if Andy would join the others in the major scenes? Andy quipped that this movie is a big production, thus every scene can be considered as major scene.

Andy express that the movie being invested by companies from 3 countries, thus whenever they start work, it's like a united nation as several languages were used to communicate, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English were used, it's very comical as he manage to learn to speak some Japanese and Korean.

With regards to his collaboration with Ahn Sung-kee, Andy respected him as he don't understand Mandarin thus the director arrange his lines to be similar to Korean, it would be easily for him, Ahn work hard to memorise his lines and acted well.

Although it's a united countries collaboration, Andy exclaimed that they collaborated very well. As he stayed on the same floor with the Korean artistes, they became neighbours and he would treat them the Chinese food he cooked and soup that he brew, whereas Wing gave Andy thermal wear and also treat him Korea's famous spicy preserved vegetables, they're like one family.

Ahn expressed that he had watched many movies of Andy when he was in Korea, he feel that Andy is very handsome, seeing him is believing, he's happy to collaborate with Andy and he respected Andy for continue working even though he was injured, when Andy was shooting the scene riding on the horse, Andy seems very familiar on riding horse.

More than 20 reporters from Korea were present for the visit, also all of them wanted to take a photograph with Andy as they exclaimed that they grow up with Andy's movies. When Ahn was interviewed by a reporter, he asked her: "You like Andy Lau very much? Haha!" The female reporter's face immediately turned red. Some female reporters even shouted to Andy: "Andy, I love you."

Reporters from Mainland China pointed out that Andy had been location filming in China many times recently, Andy quipped that he never differ Mainland China from Hong Kong as it's all movies by Chinese but there's one question that he doesn't understand why he was so popular in Korea but no movie company from Korea approach him for collaboration, he hope to collaborate with a Korean director in the future.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Sina.com