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| Monday, November 28, 2005

Sundream Motion Pictures' Battle of Wits, which is currently location shooting in Hebei (Beijing) held a press conference yesterday as its cast which includes Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Hung Tin Chiu and Korean actor Wing Si Won talked with the media on their filming experience.

Both Fan and Nicky sing praise that Andy was normally humorous but during filming, he was serious, strict and clever. Fan pointed out that Andy being strict and when Andy looked at her, he quipped: "Don't scared of me, only none hardworking actors scared of me."

The Chinese media pointed out that Andy's image was rather modern which is not quite accomodating, his image in House of Flying Daggers also received the same feedback? Upon hearing, Andy asked the media to give him a chance: "Actually I tried to improve, everyone please give me a chance!"

As Fan's character is the house stable leader whom had several love relationship scenes with Andy. She feel that Andy is very hardworking and able to withstand hardship, she exclaimed that she could withstand hardship better than Andy, that is when they were shooting the underwater scenes where Andy shiver as he was so cold whereas she didn't feel cold.

The underwater scene shot in Beijing went underway in the lowest temperature of below zero degree celius, Andy had to dive into the water cell for a hero resuce beauty scene. Andy, Fan, crew members and a group of cameramen had to be in the cold and dirty, 4 feet depth, minus 7 degree celius water for 6 hours as Andy could only exclaimed: "It's not easy for a hero to rescue a beauty, I really don't under those hero, when it was so tough and they could thought of the beauty, I could only feel that it's very cold, other than shivering, there's no feeling of the beauty."

To shoot the beautiful scene, director Jacob Chang whom was suffering from flu and 20 over crew members also get themselves into the water throughout the shooting without leaving the water. Jacob also did a demostration himself, he also kept on encouraging the actors. Although he knew that 6 hours in the water would cause his flu to get serious but he must set an example for others. Initially he was scared that Andy and Fan could not withstand the cold, luckily they didn't complaint which touched him.

Before shooting starts, some medical officers and divers were present as precaution, 10 oxygen tanks were prepared for Andy and Fan's usuage. Although Andy and Fan were wearing diving suit, but the water was so cold that it did not serve any thermal function. Only hot water, towels and ginger soup to be provided for them to keep themselves warm during breaks.

Andy was worried that the water to be too dirty, he bought eye lotion in advance, however he never expected that the coldness was far more worst than the dirty water. As it was too cold, Andy couldn't open his eyes thus he knock his head against the pillar several times, he says: "Initially I couldn't find the route, even the oxygen tank delivery diver could not find me, I had to get my head out of the water to catch my breath, I feel that I was shooting Titanic, later I was so cold that I have no strength to move, as though my whole body, hands and legs were frozen, when I get out of the water, even my mouth could not move, the crew members kept putting towel, pour hot water on me, but I kept on shivering, never experience so cold." The scene was completed with 6 takes, although it's tough, but when shown the beautiful and exciting footage, he thinks that it's worth it.

After filming the scene, the whole crew get to enjoy steamboat. Andy quipped that the soup of the steamboat looked like the dirty water of the water cell.

In addition, after injuiring his leg, the doctor specially prepared a titanium support for his leg to allow him to continue filming. Andy express that his injury had recovering well, he had no problem filming scenes where he ride on a horse.

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