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| Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Leslie Cheung had a popular song titled 'Wo Yuan Yi' in those years, but this song was secretly recorded by Andy Lau and was never being released. After 20 years, it had see the light, together with some never been seen old photographs, that inlcudes a nipple exposed photograph exposed for Andy's fans for collection.

Capital Records would release Andy's first album - Zi Zhi Dao Qi Ke Ai Ni, the album would include 3 un-released songs which were 'Wo Yuan Yi', 'Xin Zhong Qing' and 'Di Er Chi De Ai'. The 3 songs were recorded in 1985 but due to contract problems as he was at loggerhead with Capital's parent company TVB, thus the 3 songs were buried.

It's told that 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing' was recorded and released by Leslie, when Capital decided to release these 3 songs, Andy was first to be informed, the album sleeve also include 20never seen-before photographs of Andy. Although he looked inmature with baby face, but he still looked handsome.

As currently Capital Records had no contracted singers, when they found the "buried" songs of Andy, they invested heavily to send the album to Austria for production, it would be Asia's first n-CD which is anti-download, as music fans could not upload n-CD for download in websites to share with friends, the music file will have a 5-days limit, it's hoped to solve the piracy problem.

news from: Oriental Daily News