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| Monday, November 28, 2005

Collaborating with Andy Lau would be admired for most actresses but Fan Bingbing told reporters that she felt pressurise when collaborating with Andy as he was very strict, "Although he occassionally would 'electrify' at times, but I'm quite afraid of him, he's a perfectionist, he had high requirements for himself and people around him but his professionalism is worth admiring."

With regards to her love relationship scene with Andy, Fan said: "It's very bland, just small feelings, nothing exciting."

Although Andy's leg injury yet recovered as he still need help to walk down the stairs but he still tell the reporters at the press conference that he had recover fully and he could even ride on horse. When the reporters visit, he was shooting a scene at the horse stable where his character - Ge Li was giving instructions to the people of Liang City on prevention on being attacked, but the people don't trust him as they didn't listen to his words.

On the press conference, he introduce his character: "Ge Li brought along Mozi's anti-attack thinking and hope for peace, coming to Liang City, he use his wits to assist the weak in Liang City to counter the attacks of the Zhao army, but facing the enemy, he had changes and in the end, Liang City's king fear that Ge Li will be loved by his people and decided to chase him away, thus my character is controversial, he was always wondering is his belief is wrong, but he still maintain his belief, can be said to be one tragic character, but I tried my best to act with a normal mentatily."

The Ge Li character looked very modern and Andy thinks that it's the requirement of movie and manga, "Actually my character could be more exaggerating, shaven head with moustache, but everyone could not accept and kept saying me, thus I look this way."

In Andy's eyes, Battle of Wits is a movie with flavours, "It uses camera angles to narrates, had a feel of a documentary, some war battle scenes are impressive."

When talked about Fan's fear of him, Andy quipped: "Non-hardworking people will afraid of me." Fearing that reporters misunderstood what he just said, he added: "I'm not saying that Bingbing is not hardworking."

news from: Sohu.com