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| Monday, November 28, 2005

Directed by Hong Kong well-known director - Jacob Chang, Battle of Wits was currently location shooting in Hebei. Earlier reporters went to vist the filming set.

As Andy Lau's leg injury yet recovered, thus the director arranged him to film a scene where he prepare for battle in a horse stable.

Due to the tight filming schedule and fear that shooting would be affected, investors Huayi Brothers initially only allowed reporters to take photographs from the window of the horse stable, they had to wait for 2 hours before allowing normal photography, some reporters left in anger, the crew members then allowed the remaining reporters to enter the horse stable.

As the horse stable was rather small, with so many reporters, the crew members had to have "no crossing over" line to prevent the reporters from getting near.

From what can be seen, Andy is holding onto a twig and giving instructions to several generals by drawing on a patch of sand.

In order to snap a good photograph, most reporters used flash-light on their cameras. This result the director to shout: "Please shut off your camera's flash-light, if not we could not continue filming!"

However, it seems that the director's words had no effects, thus Andy had to take actions as he made a facial expression and shout at the reporters: "Don't let me see flash-light, if not I'll beat all of you!" After saying, he burst into laughters. However, the reporters didn't burst into laughter, it was not known that the movie company wanted to use the visit to promote the movie but no interview with the director and photography time was arranged?

news from: Sina.com, Sohu.com