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| Friday, November 25, 2005

For the major period movie - Muk-gong, Andy Lau kept a moustache to become the subordinate of general Mozi.

Although many people feel that Andy looked more fresh without the moustache, being hardworking and professional, Andy says: "Without the director's permission, nobody can touch my moustache."

Muk-gong which is directed by Jacob Chang and an investment of US$16 million, Andy whom recently injured his left leg's tendon when he was shooting a scene where he require to jump off from high heights, thus he was switched to shoot non-action scenes.

Two days ago, Andy jet back to Hong Kong to seek treatment. When he seek treatment from doctor in Mainland China, the doctor advise him to rest for 6 weeks, whereas the doctor in Hong Kong thinks that his injury is not that serious and it would recover within 2 weeks, an excited Andy can't wait for the movie to complete shooting.

The temperature in Beijing is less than zero degree celius, however with his previous experience of location shooting for House of Flying Daggers in Ukraine, he knew what is meant cold, thus he could still brave the coldness. Actually director Zhang Yimou gave him thermal coat when location shooting in Ukraine, thus when he feel cold during the location shooting in Beijing, he would wear the thermal coat to keep himself warm.

news from: United Daily News