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| Wednesday, October 26, 2005

With The Legend of Zorro to opens this weekend, the autumn season is going to begins.

The "black horses" All About Love and Election box office takings had moved to the top 3. Without much competition, Jackie Chan's The Myth had been the number 1 movie for 5 weeks as it has a total box office collection of $9.6 millions.

It was rather a surprise that The Myth could extend its screening till the autumn season from the national day holidays. However with The Legend of Zorro opening, it seems difficult for The Myth to excel more in its box office collection.

All About Love and Election which opens last week had similiar results although Election didn't had much promotion as to All About Love. All About Love is heavenly king Andy Lau's second movie to be screened, although his previous Wait 'Til You're Older didn't fare well but his All About Love fare much better.

news from: Sina.com