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| Saturday, December 31, 2005

The ever-popular Andy Lau was being treated as transparent, who would had did that? She's none other than this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant contestant Leanne Li Yanan, fans please don't misunderstood Leanne as she was just following the script of the music video of 'Ji Xu Tan Qing', although both of them didn't care of each other on camera, but after the shooting, they did chat with each other.

Andy who was one of the judge for this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant as he did his part to select Leanne, thus when they meet again, with their status changed, the feeling is strange, especially to Leanne as she was so nervous towards meeting Andy, the usual all smiles Leanne become expression-less. Andy understand how she feel and took the initiative to chat with her, from a pageant contestant to an artist, her smile finally shows.

Although they could chat behind the camera, but in front of the camera, Leanne must still ignore Andy as the script narrates that they were having cold war, although living under the same roof, they treat each other transparent, even sleeping side by side, Andy gave Leanne a soft hug, she also had no reactions.

Andy exclaims: "It's the ultimate suffering to be treated as transparent by others!" One would thought that a superstar like him would not know such situation! Andy continues: "You really think that being an artist is big cards? If people want to treat you transparent, they just treat you transparent, I tried taht before and know the feeling, therefore I won't treat people as transparent, this is called how you treat people and how people will treat you back!"

Unexpectedly, Andy bring out messages of being human, take an example for the male and female lead in the music video in a cold war, Andy exclaims: "Actually communication is the most important for people to get along, everyone has his own way of looking at things and thinking, this is unavoidable, most importantly is talk about it to obtain a balance point, if you didn't say, how the other party would know?" Andy thinks that many misunderstanding started from refusal to communicate, he hope that in this world, everyone should communicate more, give one another more love, continue to talk about love, no matter it's family, friends or love ones!

news from: SingTao News