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| Monday, December 26, 2005

Metro Radio chose to held its music awards presentation ceremony on Christmas Day at HK Convention & Exh. Ctr. New Wing. More than 100 awards were presented, Joey Yung whom won 7 awards last year became the biggest winner again with 8 awards, followed by Hacken Lee and Eason Chan with 6 awards each, meanwhile Andy Lau whom was absent at the ceremony got 5 awards.

The 5 awards that Andy won were Metro Best Male Singer, Metro World's Explosive Singer, Metro 15th Anniversary Champion Singer (will not be accounted for the Media Award), Metro Hit Song and Metro Explosive Original Composed Song.

The awards were delivered to Andy in America as he was there for his concert tour, he says: "The geomancer told me that I should be here as there will be chances that I could become an international artiste."

news from: SingPao, Oriental Daily News, MingPao