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| Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Andy Lau whom just returned to Hong Kong after completing his concert tour in America 2 days ago will be setting off to Beijing as he would be attending Chinese Movies' 100th Anniversary performance where he would meet National Leader Hu Jingtao, before returning to the remote areas of Beijing to continue his location shooting of Battle of Wits.

Las Vegas was Andy's last stop for this year's concert tour and last stop of his world tour thus Andy opened a bottle of champagne on stage to celebrate with the fans and sang Christmas songs together.

Spending his Christmas in Las Vegas, Andy took some time off to watch MGM's latest performance - KA and David Copperfield performance.

Andy was told by crew members that David wished to meet him at backstage and take a photograph with him. Actually David did meet Andy once when he last performed in Hong Kong, this would be their second meeting. David is excited that he could perform with Andy in MGM and said: "Whenever I perform in different parts of the world, when I see Chinese audience, when I mention Andy Lau, they would always cheer and applause. Indeed, Andy Lau is great." Andy then quipped that David could teach him some magic as they could collaborate in a large scale performance.

Andy also went to take a look at the $1.6 million stage of the KA show which Cirque du Soleil latest large-scale performance started last year, it was an eye opener experience as he exclaimed that he hope that he could have such a great stage production in future. Andy says: "If I could have a performance like KA in MGM in future, or a concert whose stage production excel KA, I would have no regrets!"

In addition, most of the performers in KA are Chinese, when told that Andy was among the audience, they got excited and took their autograph books and camera to Andy for autographs and phototaking. Some none Chinese performer of KA also went for Andy's autograph. Andy applause at their actions and said: "All of you are superstars in my heart! KA is such an exciting performance! Everybody work hard! Keep it up!"

With Andy's support, the KA performers were delighted as they cheered and expressed that this is their most exciting Christmas Eve.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, SingPao, Oriental Daily News