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| Sunday, December 25, 2005

Metro Radio Music Awards will be held on Christmas, it would be the first "Merry Christmas on battle-field" prepared for the singers. Andy Lau whom was overseas also read news on the Internet, he quoted himself as watching the battle on another shore which made him more relaxed.

There's allegations that the winner list of Commerical Radio music awards was leaked and Andy broke his duck as his song - 'Wo De Ni' made into the top 10 songs. Andy exclaimed that there would be several similiar allegations every year. On 1 Janaury, he should be location shooting in Beijing thus he would be "watching the battle on another shore" again. He would be delighted if he win awards, if he didn't win any, he would still be happy for himself.

Actually he had received the largest Christmas present this year as his latest album, Beauty of my Love had been selling well, as new batch kept producing, from the sales figures, the album is selling very well. Andy quipped that he had presented an award to himself, as in the current mark downturn, his Mandarin and Cantonese albums could obtain such good results, it's already worth celebrating.

Many Hollywood film-makers knew that Andy was in America had sent invitation to meet him to discuss collaboration plans. Andy exclaimed that if he see a good script and chance, he would give it a try, if not he's still deeply in love with Hong Kong movies as he never think that Chinese production would lose out to them, he believe that Hong Kong production would catch up from behind to challenge Hollywood movies.

news from: Ta Kung Po