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| Friday, December 30, 2005

Being Chinese Movie 100 Year's Ambassador, his movie - Infernal Affairs was also being selected as one of the Top 100 Movies, Andy Lau thus become one of the artistes that catches attention.

After attending the Chinese movies 100th year anniversary at Beijing, he spend some time to be interviewed.

Reporter (R): It's towards the end of 2005, looking back at your movie career, which part are you not satisfy?

Andy (A) : I hope to improve in comedy. Love On A Diet and Needing You were more local Hong Kong comedies. I hope I could follow Stephen Chow to film some international stuff.

R: Ever thought of becoming a director?

A: I've no plans of becoming a director, I won't rule it out, this is about chances, currently I hope to do well on my part as an actor.

R: Will you collaborate with Maggie Cheung in the near future?

A: We did discuss about it, we would like to collaborate, we're looking for scripts at the moment, we'll collaborate when a good chance comes, I won't just any how collaborate with her just to show to the audience.

R: You said that movie is like a dream, have you ever thought that how long you would like to continue this road in chasing your dream?

A: Dream does not come as you wish, you can't find it when you woke up. Therefore, on when to wake up, when to end, I really don't know.

R: What's your first intention in investing movies?

A: I invest beacuse I like it, but some movies that I like might not be accept by the market, not all investments has returns, the returns may not be for myself, it may be on others. I hope my movie company, other than movies doing well in the box office, it could also promote artistic movies. Good movies and new directors require time to nurture, need the time to get pregnant.

R: How much had you since invested in movies?

A: I invested around $25000,000. The distribution of movie is very important, take Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, I think they are good, but nothing I can do in distribution, thus unable to let many people understand our production.

R: You focus on new directors, what's your expectation of directors?

A: Many people feel that one whom films artistic movies are true directors, did everyone know that Wong Kar Wai's first movie is a commercialise movie. Hope new directors know that, if you want to continue to film movies, you must maintain your own target.

R: You invested in a Thai movie?

A: Correct. Because other than Chinese movies, the movies throughout Asia should gather together, this is another kind of togetherness.

R: This year is the 100th year anniversary, what you think of the current status of Chinese movies?

A: I think that we still have a large space to improve. The market for Chinese movies does not lose out to American, but we still need to improve on movie's theme and technic, Chinese movies will be great in the future.

R: In recent years, collaboration between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan had increases, everybody collaborate to dig the Chinese culture element and produce several good movies, we can see for the future, will you think such collaborations will create a new success in Chinese movies?

A: I think it will, because Chinese movies should gather people of different countries to film it. Different countries had different acting style and themes, if we really can combine different flavours into one movie, it would be great!

news from: Ta Kung Po