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| Thursday, December 29, 2005

More than 10 representatives from the Hong Kong movie industry which includes Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Stanley Tong, Golden Harvest boss Raymond Chow Ting Hsing and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's investor Bill Kong jet off to Beijing to attend Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Ceremony to meet National Leaders Hu Jingtao, Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun and Zeng Qinghong at the Ren Min Da Hui Tang yesterday.

At the ceremony, 50 were awarded Most Outstanding Contribution Film Artistes but none of them from Hong Kong. The 30 representatives from Hong Kong expressed their disappointment.

National Leader Hu Jingtao said at the ceremony: "Thank you for everybody's contribution to the movies, the government will do their best to help in the development of the movies, let's hope 100 years later, Chinese movies will shine more." He then took a group photograph with those present.

Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee was next to give a speech. Andy express that a sentence from Li's speech is very meaningful as Li said: "There's no lack of good Chinese movies, but movies that people will cheer about were few." Andy thinks that this sentence is speaking the truth, because there are no lack of good movies but the movies that won audience's recognition is not many, the government seems to have good understanding on movies, thus he hope that Chinese movies would have more theme and develop better.

Andy also express that for this special occasion, Ren Min Da Hui Tang specially spent 4 months on a 60 eet long oil painting of the invited 700 film person. As cameras were not allowed in the Ren Min Da Hui Tang, thus he could not take a photograph with it. Andy added that he feel very honored to be invited for this 100th years anniversary activity.

In addition, Andy was also the finale performer for the artistic night as he sang 'Wang Qing Shui' with an orchestra.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News