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| Friday, December 23, 2005

For this year's Christmas, Andy Lau would be in Las Vegas for his concert tour, there will be only 1 show and the 10,000 tickets were sold out, the organiser was currently thinking of a way to add more seats.

After the hoarse voice incident in Atlantic City, Andy immediately went to New York to see a doctor and he followed the doctor's instruction to take medicine every day, his throat had slowly recover. He also sleep early every night to keep his best shape for the performance on Christmas Eve.

When he was on his way to see the doctor, his friendy driver drove Andy to see the Statue of Liberty when they happen to drove past it. Upon arriving at the carpark, he could only see the backview of the statue but Andy was still delighted as he hardly had a chance to relax.

After seeing the doctor, the driver told him that he would be bringing him to see New York's famous Rockefeller Center between 48th and 51st Streets in New York to see the World's Tallest Christmas Tree. However, after arriving the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, Andy and his crew member shouted: "Wah! What a big Christmas tree! Hahaha...."

Although there is nothing special about the Christmas tree but the 7-8 storey high tree was surrounded by on-lookers, it was very crowded.

The streets of New York is also decorated with Christmas lightings which allows Andy to experience the local festive atmosphere.

Currently, other than rehearsing for his concert Las Vegas , Andy also get to enjoy the latest performances in Las Vegas to gather some new ideas for his future concerts.

news from: Sina.com