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| Thursday, December 08, 2005

Earlier Andy Lau and Angelica Lee collaborate in All About Love's radio drama, thus he approached her to be the female lead for his latest song's 9-minutes drama music video directed by Wong Ching Po. Andy is a Cantonese Opera canvas artist whom had a touching love relationship in the 60's with mute Angelica. Both of them attended hand signal classes and Andy also passed his skills of peeling apple to her.

The MV will premieres on 8 December. Initially Andy wanted to location shooting at Kwang Wah Theatre but it was currently undergoing renovation, thus they could only shoot in a studio. The record company specially hired a hand signal instructor to give lessons to Andy and Angelica, she also need to learn Cantonese Opera playing of long sleeve where Andy guided her on the spot as he learnt it before.

The story narrates Andy as a Cantonese Opera canvas artist but due to less attendance, the theatre closed down thus remains Andy painting on the canvas alone. Angelica being a sick mute had a wish to sing befriend Andy and teaches each other to talk and hand signals, pity that they failed to be together and Angelica used hand signals to proclaim her love for Andy.

Angelica take her hats off to Andy whom could mix around well with the children during filming, helped colouring and writing on the canvas.

During meal breaks, Andy also demostrate his skills of peeling apple. Andy took less than 2 minutes to peel the apple, the skin of the apple is still in one piece which stunned Angelica, she exclaimed: "Andy seems to know everything, he's better than girls at peeling apple. What kind of person is he?"

Angelica asked him if he woke up in the middle of the night to see his future? Andy quipped: "I heard that when one peel the apple in front of the mirror at midnight could see her future husband, I don't need a husband, thus I won't be awake in the middle of the night to do such things, Haha! I just love to eat apples, I became experience when I peel more."

In addition, Andy whom just came back from Beijing would be jetting off to Malaysia for his concert's rehearsal but he still find time to attend the premiere of his good friend - Peter Chan's Perhaps Love to send his congratulations with a bottle of champagne. However, Andy didn't stay on to watch the movie, he says: "Wait till I finish my concert in Malaysia, I hope I can find time to watch the movie."

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