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| Sunday, December 04, 2005

Andy Lau latest Cantonese album - Andy Lau Continue Talk About Love new songs + compiliation would be released on 13 December, for the twin CD, one contain new songs while the other contain his past years' love songs, there will be a total of 28 songs, it's worth to buy.

As many of his friends and fans like the theme songs of movies that he had sang, thus other than his new song 'Ji Xu Tan Qing', he also include those theme songs that were un-released before into the album.

That includes 'Wu Jian Dao' solo version, Infernal Affairs III's 'Zi Zuo Zi Shou', Wait 'Til You're Older's 'Xia Ci Bu Gan', 'Tian Bi Gao' which is used to encourage Hongkongers, Chinese New Year song 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and the song which he didn't had the chance to release due to lawsuit with his record company - 'Tai Xiang Ai'.

On 15 December, Andy will return to Hong Kong for a Roadshow Live Andy Lau Continue Talk About Love mini-concert, tickets can be won by calling in to answer questions, all tickets were snapped up within 1 hour, never expected that it would be so well-received. Although Andy was currently in Beijing shooting for his new movie, for this mini-concert and America concert tour, he specially invited his dance instructor Sunny to rehearse dancing with him for 3 days.

For this week, Andy would only be shooting at night, thus he would rehearse his dancing in the morning. During his overnight shooting, he would also rehearse his dancing during breaks, even the director was amazed where Andy got his energy from. Andy quipped: "Even if I don't rehearse my dancing during breaks, I would also dance because I'm so cold, the temperature is between -8 and -10 degree celius, so cold, hands and legs were frozen, other than sitting, must as well dance to fight the coldness, Haha, I rather rehearse my dance, moving around could warm myself, what a good suggestion."

For those fans whom got the tickets for the mini-concert, Andy exclaimed that they are lucky as the new dance number arranged for the America concert tour was included. "Because many fans could not booked the tickets for my America concert tour, thus I decided to perform once in Hong Kong. I've learnt quite a bit these few days, it's quite difficult, Sunny is busy and he would be leaving soon, thus I could only asked my crew members to video tape down for me, then I can rehearse on my own."

In addition, for the TVB anniversay, he wore a Scottish skirt to perform and everyone feel that it's exciting, with the fans' request, he decided to wear it to perform in the roadshow again, however he accidentally revealed his underwear the other time, how about this time? Andy says: "Actually it doesn't consider as exposing myself, I wore a black short pants, of course there will be big movements during dancing and singing, hard to avoid, I'm not a female, it's okay. Maybe I can wear a longer pants to allow the reporters to take clearer pictures, how about that? Hahahahaha..."

Andy exclaimed that he won't fall sick in Beijing as he bought thermal bag and underwear, he seldom ate chocolate but when it was too cold at night, he would eat it to increase strength, "I feel that I put on weight, but many crew members told me that I would be more handsome if I put on some weight, thus I follow their order and eat more everyday."

news from: Sina.com