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| Monday, December 05, 2005

Andy Lau's latest winter wear commerical for Baleno will be broadcast today, it has a 7-figure production fee, this being his sixth collaboration with Baleno.

The director Wong Ching Po whom Andy previously collaborated with him in the movie Jiang Hu and his music video for 'Ji Xu Tan Ai'. Wong used computers controlled motion control cameras for the shoot.

The system could produce repeated angles thus create special visual effect. Andy need to test walk infront of the camera several times, he must finished the actions required time. He had to walk from setup A to setup B.

Andy get to experience different weather within one day, no matter it's a sunny day, raining or snowing as there were 3 different scenes in the commercial, he feel that the raining living room and the romantic snowy house are the most special.

He had experience walking down the street in the rain but had never experience drench in the rain in the living room.

While waiting for the computer to start up, thus filming was not required, he hold onto an umbrella and sat on the sofa, he also tried to kick the water onto the crew members as he wanted everyone to be drench like him, he also jump to take photographs, he quipped: "Where we can find a grand pond? Only in the commercial!"

Actually, Andy indeed have a grand pond and this pond raise every year, according to Mainland China survey, in the eyes of commercial companies, Andy is a super money tree as he is their number person to be their endorser. It's because whatever product he endorses, the sales will only goes up and never goes down. Andy quipped: "Of course, that make me worth it!"

Actually there were many companies that approach him to be their endorser, if he willing to accept all, just by shooting commercial would earn him more money when compared to movies. However, Andy don't accept commercial easily as he's very serious on endorsing products.

He says: "It took 1-2 days to shoot a commercial, the fees can be comparable to the fees I collected for a movie, some even exceed the fees for one movie. But I really love movies, I will still be involved in movies no matter how tough it is, with regards to commercial, I could earn many money with it, but being an endorser has huge responsibility, I'll seriously consider and chose before accepting a commercial, I don't wish to mislead the consumer."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, MingPao, Sina.com