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| Thursday, December 01, 2005

Andy Lau whom was in the remote areas of Beijing for location shooting of Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japanese and Korean joint-invested movie Battle of the Wits will be releasing his first compiliation album in 6 years, it is titled 'Ju Xu Tan Ai' (literally translated as Continue to Talk About Love), a twin CD of new songs and classic hits. For his album, Andy collaborate with Kowloon Motor Bus Co. to hold a Road Show Live Andy Lau Continue to Talk About Love mini-concert. For the mini-concert, despite still recovering from a leg injury, he arranged his dance instructor Sunny to drop by the filming set to arrange dances for him, it's rather pressurise for Sunny for Andy whom had yet recover from his leg injury to practice the dance.

Always being tagged as Asia's 'tie-ren' (superman), Andy whom just finished the promotion of previous album and movie - All About Love, continue with the shooting of Battle of Wits on 20 October, in between, he injured his leg and had a 3-days break in Hong Kong for further checkup, he also spend some time to discuss on his planning, packaging and promotion for his first official new songs plus compiliation album in 6 years. He took photographs and filmed a special TV programme for the Road Show Live Andy Lau Continue to Talk About Love mini-concert, thus he had a tight schedule for the 3-days in Hong Kong to discuss with his colleagues, however some unlucky empolyees whom fail to meet their boss quipped: "Next time the company should have a calling number system to allow everyone of us to be able to meet with our idol boss."

The album will be released in the middle of December will include 3 different version of Andy's new Cantonese song - 'Ju Xu Tan Qing' which is Western, Oriental and piano versions, it also includes a song that he wrote himself which narrates a child become an adult and do wrong things in 'Xia Chi Bu Gan' which is the theme song of Wait 'Til You're Older, also included is un-released singles in the past 2 years which includes 'Tai Xiang Ai', 'Yuan Lai Wo You Ai' and 'Gong Xi Fa Cai'. He also sang solo the theme song of Infernal Affairs - 'Wu Jian Dao' which the original version that he duet with Tony Leung, he also re-sing the theme song of World Without Thieves - 'Na Yi Tian' (originally sang by Yang Kun) and Hacken Lee's Infernal Affairs III theme song - 'Zi Zuo Zi Shou'. CD-1 will have 8 Cantonese and 5 Mandarin songs, whereas in CD-2 will be Andy's selected Cantonese love songs which includes: 'Hui Dao Wo Sheng Bian', 'Ni Shi Wo De Nu Ren', 'Ru Guo Wo You Shi', a total of 15 songs to allow fans to continue talk about love with him in winter.

Andy would also collaborate with Kowloon Motor Bus Co. to hold a Road Show Live Andy Lau Continue to Talk About Love mini-concert in Kowloon's Conventional Centre on 15 December. Fans can uses their mobile phones and other promotional means to take part in a lucky draw from 2 December to win tickets for the mini-concert. Kowloon Motor Bus Co. which has a traffic of 30 million passengers each day will also start to boardcast Andy's 'Ju Xu Tan Qing' music video and exclusive Andy Lau talks about love TV special on its buses. The buses is also repainted with Andy's designed 'Ju Xu Tan Qing' posters.

To make the activity more meaningful, 25 Andy autographed limited edition cute version of the bus model will be auction off for charity in AndyLau.com, details of the auction will be announced in AndyLau.com.

news from: Sina.com