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| Sunday, January 22, 2006

Best actor Andy Lau and Best Actress Maggie Cheung would collaborate in a suspence thriller story 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' (literally translated as Bringing Justice). According to the reporter, director Wong Jing had expressed that filming will start after the Lunar New Year, Maggie would be collecting a 8-figure fee for this movie and it would her her first collaboration with Andy since As Tears Goes By some 20 years ago.

Although Andy and Maggie were megastars of Chinese movies but they seldom collaborate, other than comedy Benny Chan Muk-Sing's What A Hero and Wong Kar Wai's Days of Being Wild, the "closest" collaboration being As Tears Goes By in 1986. A spokesman said: "Their collaboration in As Tears Goes By 20 years ago is the most exciting and thus we hope that we could put them together again."

In 'Ti Tian Xing Dao' , it would be a fast pace thriller, in a truth unknown; full of suspence crime case, Andy and Maggie were involved from the dark to the light and from enemy to friends. Andy's character could be similiar to several Hollywood male leads in thrillers, his character would be neither good nor evil.

Wong Jing would be the director of the movie, with regards to the combination of Andy and Maggie, Wong Jing express: "Currently it's just a thinking." It would be a shock for Wong whom was famous for comedies to direct a suspence thriller, with regards to this, Wong explains: "This is a suspence thriller that a director from Mainland China would never accept to direct, the elements is important in such movies, you would expect the unexpected to happen every minute." Wong reveals that he went to read several investigation novels from Amercia like Jeffery Deaver's Bone Collector for inspiration of the new movie.

With regards to the 2 actors, currently Maggie had yet to reply on this matter and Andy had expressed through his company that he had read the script and express interest in the movie. According to news, it would have a $50 million renminbi budget, filming will start in March and several cast had completed the contract signing and Maggie whom had not been in a Hong Kong produced movie will collect a 8-figure fee.

news from: Sina.com