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| Thursday, January 19, 2006

Directed by Hong Kong director Jacob Chang, a $1.5 billion investment by Mainland China, Japan and Korea major production Battle of Wits had completed its shooting which will keep awaiting fans excited. In the movie, Fan Bingbing gets to collaborate with Heavenly King Andy Lau.

A year ago, Fan Bingbing won the Best Actress award with the movie, Cell Phone as it successfully promote her to be first line actress. With her high popularity, she just transform herself from the adored drama serial actress onto the silver screen with the recent screened A Chinese Tall Story. After Cell Phone, director Feng Xiaogang initially thought of inviting Fan Bingbing to cast her in an important role in A World Without Thieves but due to her schedule crashed, she missed the chance to collaborate with Andy. Therefore, Battle of Wits is Fan Bingbing's first collaboration with Andy. During the press conference, Andy exclaimed that he never thought that he would be collaborating with her.

Battle of Wits is translated from a famous manga, narrating about the Mo family determination to withold justice and anti-war during the war times. Initially Huayi Brothers wanted to invite Andy in another major production of theirs - Banquet which is directed by Feng Xiaogang but after looking at the scripts, Andy took the initiative to pick Battle of Wits thus giving up the chance to collaborate with Feng again.

news from: Sina.com