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| Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hacken Lee whom revealed that he would be getting married this year after he won the Most Popular Male Singer at TVB's Jade Solid Gold Hits Awards. He had asked his best friend, Andy Lau to be his best man.

During a radio interview, Andy express that he hope to approach Sammi Cheng as the bridemaid, the reason being Sammi had not appeared for a long time and he does not know how to meet her.

When talked about allegations that Emily Lo Suk Yee (Hacken's girlfriend) was 2 months pregnant, Andy quipped that he will find out the truth when he ask Hacken out for a bowling game.

When asked if he will follow Hacken to announce that he's getting married on the stage? Andy said that if he really was to get married, he doesn't know how is he going to announce to everyone.

news from: SingTao News