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| Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In previous night's Jade Solid Gold Hits Awards, Hacken Lee once again won the Most Popular Male Singer award and immediately announce his plans to get married, it can be considered as twin happiness.

Hacken exclaimed that one year ago he had already asked Andy Lau to be his best man and Andy had agreed to his request. Although he does not have the time to get married in 2005, he hope that Andy would keep his promise to be his best man. When asked if he need to check Andy's schedule, Hacken said: "No worries."

When Andy heard Hacken's announcement of getting married, he was moved as he expressed that when Hacken asked him to be his best man, he was worried that Hacken might not have a wedding ceremony. Andy quipped: "He had asked me to become his best man, I was afraid that he would not hold a wedding ceremony, it would be bad if it's my turn! Haha! Anyway congrats to him and his girlfriend, wedding is a happy occassion, wherever he went to hold his wedding ceremony, I'll be there to be his best man, it would be great that there will be only one best man, haha! If he really get married this year, thus next year Most Popular Male Singer award should return to me."

Andy also help Hacken to fix a wedding date as he feel that it would be best for Hacken to held his wedding in March or April, have his first child in October which happens to be Winter season - the best time to give birth.

With regards to Kelly Chen's saying on-stage that it's harder to win awards nowadays, Andy feel that many things depends on accumulation as nothing comes free without hardwork, he feel that it's hard to win awards all these while.

Andy expressed that he was satisfied with this year's result, he said that if he was given 3 more months to promote his song - Ji Xu Tan Qing, he should be able to defeat Ronald Cheng's 'Wu Lai' to win the Golden Song Gold award.

When talked about his hot dance with Joey Yung and Twins and touching their legs, Andy exclaimed that it's okay to touch the legs as that's what Latin dance about!

During his dance with Joey, her breast was touched by Andy. Joey felt that it was normal for a hot close-body contact dance, she doesn't even matter giving all to Andy. Initially her costume for the dance would have been more sexy as it would reveal half of her breast but Joey could not accept the costume as she quipped that if the costume was to be too sexy, she's worried that her breast might be exposed like the Janet Jackson incident. When asked if she's scared that she would expose herself during the dance with Andy, she said: "Andy's hand is big enough to help me cover."

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