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| Monday, January 16, 2006

Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005 was held at Shaghai 2 nights ago, Andy Lau wore a "Infernal Affair look" of white shirt, black tie and black coat to attend the award presentation ceremony, however he spotted Shawn Yue with the same dressing at the backstage area. Andy quipped: "It's the dressing for youngster nowadays."

What Andy had said was true as for those singers whom attended, Guang Liang, Alex Fong and Justin all dressed the same, it's a comical sight as if they were wearing uniform!

Due to his shooting of Battle of Wits, he had to keep a moustache but he had already shave it off as he said: "Initially I like the moustache, after some time I detest it as I need to manage it everyday, if not I would look like a beggar." When asked about having the same dressing with other male singers, he quipped: "Nowadays young people like to wear like this, but my style is different, my tie is from the sixties, thus I look more young and mature."

Initially Liu Xiang was scheduled to present the award to Andy but he could not attend due to personal matters to attend to but the organiser broadcast a video clip where he announce Andy as the winner and send his congratulation to Andy, thus the meeting of 'shuang liu' (2 Laus) had to be forced to happen in the air. Despite that, the other award presenter to present the other award to Andy was no other than Coca-Cola (China) Director Paul Etchells, it can be seem how Andy is to the organiser.

With 7 awards, Andy had to go onto the stage 3 times and there were great response from the audience, there were times that fans broke the securities' defence to go on-stage to present flowers and presents to Andy. Although it was a chaotic situation, an experienced Andy was steady as he gentlemanly guide them off the stage to prevent them from having accident if they accidentally activate the stage trap doors. However, there is one female fan whom was over enthusiastic as she dashed on-stage, using a scarf as cover to force a kiss on Andy, luckily Andy use his hand to cover in time, this does not stop the crazy fan as she still remain on stage until the crew member went onstage to pull her off the stage thus saving Andy.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Apple Daily News