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| Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After Eric Tsang's instruction to lights up, 2005 TVB's Jade Solid Gold Hits Awards presentation ceremony begins.

Last year's Most Popular Male and Female Singer Andy Lau and Joey Yung had a hot close body-contact dance to celebrate the occasion. When Andy touches Joey's leg, she was shocked as she slip out her tongue.

With the fans' voting, Andy and Twins had a 3P hot dance as the three of them coordinate to perfection.

The winners for the night includes Eason Chan, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Leo Ku, Twins, Grasshopper and of course the 6th year running Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer Andy Lau. Andy said: "No matter how many times I win the award, every time I could hold the award in my hand and could share the joy with my fans on television, I will still be very happy."

Hacken Lee defeat his best friend - Andy to become this year's Most Popular Male Singer. Hacken said: "Actually I wanted to say this after all the award presentation ceremonies had ended, but....."

Eric added: "Ah, really? Eason had the same experience...."

Hacken said: "Whenever I win this award, I remember the reporters would ask me this question, I want to tell everybody, I'll be getting married in 2006, I wanted to thanks my wife."

Andy said: "Hacken told me that he wishes to get married last year but I won the award, he had no choice, I'm happy for him this year as he could win the award and he announced that he's getting married, hope I can really become his best man." Andy added: "My life could not be mix with awards all the time, awards is to be shared with all my fans, other matters should not be mixed together."

news from: TVBS E-News