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| Sunday, January 01, 2006

Currently Andy Lau is in Beijing location shooting for Battle of Wits, thus he had no special celebration as he just send regards with the crew members and fellow actors when the clock strikes midnight before carry on with their shooting.

For the new year, Andy hope to be healthy as during his concert tour in America, his voice become hoarse thus he's worried that he could not carry on singing, without taking good care of his health, it could also affect his beloved acting.

With regards to his plans for 2006, Andy would concentrate on acting as several directors wish to pair him and Maggie Cheung recently, but Andy made a requirement that the movie must create a spark similiar to his collaboration with Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs. Meanwhile, several Western movies also get in contact with Andy, but he stress that it must be a good script and he feel that the standard of Chinese movies does not lose out to Western movies.

news from: Wei Wen Po