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| Sunday, January 08, 2006

The 4 major music award ceremonies in Hong Kong had their own system but all of them had segments where music fans could cast their votes as to pick out the rightfully winner of the best male and female singer. TVB's Jade Solid Gold will be held next weekend, the Most Popular Male and Female Singer award grabs the most attention. Our paper reporters went to interview 100 citizens to check on their Most Popular Male and Female Singer. In the end, Andy tops with a wide margin whereas Joey Yung win Miriam Yeung with a slight margin.

In 2004's TVB Jade Solid Gold muisc award, Andy broke the record of being the first to win both the Most Popular Male Singer in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. In our street interviews, Andy was picked as the citizens' most popular male singer. Andy whom was location shooting for Battle of Wits in Beijing said in a telephone interview: "Thanks everyone for voting for me, it's a big encoragement for me."

When Andy was being put in cold storage by TVB, he had no job for the whole year, he was vexed then, one of the training class's teacher found out of his feelings and to encourage Andy, he specially did a survey with university students, the results show that after Chow Yun Fat, Andy was second in the Most Popular Artist. Andy said: "When the teacher show me the results, he asked me to continue to work hard and don't give up so easily. With that present, I continue to work hard. Therefore when I was told of the result of the public survey today, I'm so happy."

Despite Eason Chan, Leo Ku and Hacken Lee going strong this year, Andy still won the support of the public, when asked if he had confidence of winning? Andy says: "Of course I'm confidence, both my Cantonese and Mandarin album were doing very well this year!"

When asked whom he pick as his greatest enemy this year? He quipped: "I think he should be Hacken, because he was a great singer in my heart, a singer is about staying in the music industry for long, for so many years, Hacken had kept a steady standard."

news from: Apple Daily News