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| Friday, January 06, 2006

For artistes, popularity talks, of course doing well both in popularity and earnings for a year's hardwork is their target. From all revealed figures, 2 male artistes earned more than 100 million last year. Jackie Chan earned a total of $230 million renminbi top the table while Andy Lau is second with a total earning of $107 million renminbi. From the top 10 chart, there were 6 Hong Kong artistes with Zhang Ziyi being the only artist from Mainland China.

Second-placing Andy had 7 commercials, 14-shows of concerts and 3 movies last year which easily earned him around 107 million.

Other than earning from movies and concerts, investment in hair salon, optical shop, land properties, indeed Andy had good and accurate foresight. During his promotion for House of Flying Daggers, Andy did specially flew to Shenyang to buy landed properties with $40 million. Currently Andy has about 10 apartments in Hong Kong. With the I.T company throughout the world suffered winter-effect, his andylau.com set up in 2000 still earns money, Andy revealed that when he first invested in the website with the money in his piggy bank, but what he had earned now could fill up 200 piggy banks (one piggy bank could hold less than HK$1 million). With a conservative estimation, Andy could have earned more than $100 million.

news from: Ta Kung Po