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| Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The heavenly kings from sports and music industry will be meeting each other this weekend in Shanghai as Andy Lau could be collecting the Most Popular Male Singer award from Liu Xiang. No matter whom the winner is, just by looking at the all-stars prize presenter list which include Chinese Olympics volleyball player Zhao Ruirui, diver Wu Minxia, gymnasts Teng Haibin, Ge You, Francis Ng and alleged couple Shu Qi and Zhang Zheng.

The first officially endorsed music awards by the Chinese Culture Department in 2006, Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005 will be held this weekend in Shanghai. The results are decided by netizens' voting, professional judges and the songs' result throughout the year.

According to reliable sources, the Most Popular Male Singer (Hong Kong) nominees are Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee and Leo Ku, among them, Andy stand the highest chance. His Song - 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' is the hot favourite for the Golden Hit Song, if he manage to beat off the challenge from Leo Ku, Guang Liang and Ronald Cheng, Andy would stand the chance to collect the award from Liu Xiang, then it would be the meeting of two Lius.

news from: Oriental Daily News