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| Thursday, March 09, 2006

The reporter was told from Hong Kong Media Asia that the company would start shooting a new movie directed by Andrew Lau and will cast Andy Lau and Tony Leung in a new movie titled "Shuang Cheng" (literally translated as Twin Cities). It would be a police-thief-theme movie, after the three collaborated in the Infernal Affairs trilogy. The movie was even alleged to be Infernal Affairs 4, but when Media Asia's spokesman was interviewed, he denied the allegation but still reveal the title of the movie to be Twin Cities.

Although Twin Cities has a police-thief story, but its characters and story is not related to Infernal Affairs trilogy as it would be a brnad new story.

Media Asia released Infernal Affairs in 2002 and was tagged to be the saviour movie of the Hong Kong movie industry as it had a good box office taking and won 7 major awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Infernal Affairs II and III was released and also did well in movie reviews and box office. After Infernal Affairs, Andrew directed Initial D and Daisy.

This collaboration with Andy and Tony attracts the attention of the media and fans.

news from: Sina