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| Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Short note: Andy had been rather quiet recently, here's a back-dated news for you!!

Eric Tsang, Alan Tam and Nat Chan were the one whom formed the celebrities soccer team. The whole team booked a private plane to jet off to Philippines to celebrate their 20th anniversary on 17 February.

Eric, Alan, Nat, Felix Wong, Law Ka Ying, Sing Fui On and 100 other players and family members of the celebrity team set off to celebrate in Philippines.

In addition, Felix exclaimed that his wife was on a business trip in America thus he asked good friend Andy Lau for bowling to spend Valentine Day, he says: "I spent my Valentine Day bowling with Andy. (Andy need not accompany others at night?) Night is private time, I'm not sure how he spent it!"

news from: SingTao News