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| Thursday, February 23, 2006

Andy Lau whom set up Focus Films Ltd has a movie project - Focus First Cuts where 6 Asian new potential directors were selected to produce 6 creative feature films to be shot on High Definition (HD) technology. In order to nurture new talents in providing them the platform to showcase their films to a wider audience, he invested more than US$30 million for the project, it can be seen for his confidence in the project.

The project was the brainchild of Hong Kong based Focus Films and supporting of Star Chinese Movies Network, thus Hong Kong director Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You was selected to be the first film to be launched. I'll Call You is about love in our postmodern society. The other five films include the collaboration of Wong Ching Po and Lee Kung Lok's PG from Hong Kong, Ho Yu Hang's Rain Dogs from Malaysia, Kelvin Tong's Love Story from Singapore, Robin Lee's The Shoe Fairy from Taiwan and Ning Hao's Crazy Stone from China.

Directed by Lam Tse Chung, I'll Call You is about love in our postmodern society in a comical way. Hong Kong handsome actor Alex Fong (Ah Man) is paired up with Viann Liang (Karen) in a love relationship but Karen thinks that she has a wide variety of guys to chose from thus play around with Ah Man. Ah Man's old buddy Lam Ka Tung, Xiao Long and parents (Lam Suet and Yuen Chou) supporting him to play soccer, drink and become his love consultant but Ah Man still fail until he met Andy dress as his character in Running On Karma for some change.

Lam Tse Chung pointed out that he had special reason for Andy to dress up as his character in Running On Karma but he decided to keep it a secret for the time being.

Meanwhile, a "trailer editing competition" was held for students to participate as an encouragement for them to join the movie industry and also hope to discover potential directors and editors to be the next batch of Focus First Cuts.

The participants just need to download the 2 minutes long trailer and photographs from the official website, using their creativity and imagination, to add background music, dialogue (in Cantonese), subtitles, animation or images into their contesting clip, it must be edited into a 15-30 seconds long trailer and burnt into a DVD format. The result will be announced in a press conference by Andy on 4 March 2006.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao