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| Saturday, February 25, 2006

Last year, with the motive to promote Chinese movies, Andy Lau suggested a project named Focus First Cuts and set up Focus Films Ltd. He also hand-picked 6 new directors around Asia to shoot 6 films on High Definition (HD) technology. The first to get Andy's recognition is Hong Kong's young director Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You.

With regards to I'll Call You being selected as the first movie, Andy's company spokesman express that most importantly, Lam's talent was recognise by Andy. According to sources, the theme of the movie will be about love in our postmodern society in a comical way. Other than investing 25 million reminbi, Andy will take up 2 characters in the movie, one is the character in Running On Karma, similiar to the original movie, it would be intelligent as he give the male lead Alex Fong guidance.

The other character would be a prison officer, it was revealed that Alex drunk himself with too many alcohol after a failure expression of his feelings to Viann Liang and might meet Andy after being sent into a detention barrack.

With regards to the 2 characters, the spokesman stress: "These 2 characters came within the mind of the male lead, or rather when he was in a state of semi-conscious, or a kind of memory and it's not real; furthermore the scene time total up to about 10 minutes."

news from: Sina.com