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| Monday, March 27, 2006

In a span of 12 years, with her love for Andy Lau, a girl in Lan Zhou named Lin Juan transform from a student with good grade to a jobless, troubled teenager. Despite her poor family, her father had to "sell his kidney" to fulfill her dream. When told of the matter, Andy replied through his manager that what she did was "not correct, abnormal, unhealthy and unfilial", he decided that he would not answer to Lin's request and urge her to stop her unreasonable actions. Andy said: "I hate unfilial people, if one tried to use unhealthy ways in hope to meet him, I wouldn't bother with them."

With regards to Lin Juan's star chasing matter, other than CCTV reporting, DragonTV and Nanfang Daily went to report Lin Juan's 12 years craze on Andy and the price that she paid for. Since 16-years-old, Lin was crazy of Andy and neglect her studies as she told reporters: "My situation is different from other star chasers as my love for Andy is not only crazy and whole-hearted, I paid my youth as a price." Lin's father revealed to reporters: "If we failed to raise enough money, my daughter could not go to Hong Kong, what happens if my daughter suffer any mishaps, how am I and my wife going to carry on living?" With tears in his eyes, he wrote a letter address to Andy as he hope that Andy would meet his daughter.

Lin's father was told by doctor that selling one's organ in private is against the law thus he had to give up his idea of "selling his kidney".

Andy's Hong Kong management company spokesman express that they had yet received any letter from Lin nor his father thus unable to clarify on this matter. Howeverm Andy pointed out that Lin should stop such unreasonable ways and learn from other fans. Andy's management company revealed to reporters that fans from Mainland China just need to join the fan club and would get to meet Andy 3 times per year as fans are encourage not to chase their idol blindy and wasting money.

news from: Sina.com, Shengyang Evening Daily