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| Sunday, March 26, 2006

Andy Lau, Teresa Mo, Chapman To, Yumiko Cheng and others attended the 25th Hong Kong Films Awards activity to announce the content of the special magazine. It was alleged that the woman behind him is Carol Zhu Liqian and had 2 children. Andy was asked if he would follow Alan Tam footstep to reveal his "family matters", he quipped that he would wait for heaven's arrangement and it's not the time yet.

During the activity, posters of this year's Best Actor and Best New Artiste were on displayed. Tony Leung Kar Fai whom was nominated for the Best Actor award with Everlasting Regret and Election, thus he took 2 spots in the poster whereas Andy whom was nominated with Wait 'Til You're Older said on the stage: "I've confidence to be the Best Actor for the third time!"

Although Andy did exclaimed that he's confident of winning the Best Actor award again but he said later: "I'm not confidence, I've watched all the nominees' movies and everyone had reasons to win the award!" When asked what's his reason to win the award, he answers: "The efforts should counts as I'm a kid to an old man in Wait 'Til You're Older, everyone said that I'm convincing and feel pain for the old man. I hope that every movie could move people, I've prepared myself for the award presentation ceremony, to appeared with confidence and gain some momentum!" With regards to Tony's felt that he would sure win the award, Andy admits and said: "He feel that he would win, in this way, I should have give myself confidence!"

When talked about good friend, Alan admitting that he had a wife (Shirely Yeung), mistress (Wendy Chu) and a 10-years-old son (Tam Hiu Fung), Andy said: "Everyone had their own time-table, some people had their own plannings, feeling that it's time for everyone to know some things, it might not be decided by the person, let heaven to do the arrangement.

I think Alan and Hacken (announcing his marriage) didn't plan this in advance, they said on their own will at the right timing." When asked when would he revealed his matters, Andy quipped: "I know you would ask me this question!" Andy put his hands beside his ear as if he's listening to instructions from heaven and said: "Not arranged yet!" When asked when would be the best time? He answers: "Heaven is the scriptwriter, whether it's happy or sad, parting ways or together are linked together, why spend time to arrange it?"

news from: MingPao, SingPao, Orienatal Daily News, Ta Kung Po