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| Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hong Kong singer Andy Lau's song - 'Zhong Guo Ren' (Chinese) was popular in Mainland China for a certain period and last year it was awarded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as the "most recomended patriot song among high school students". However it was criticise by Beijing Normal University's College of Chinese Language and Literature Professor Tao Tung-feng. He said that a line in the lyrics - "yellow skinned, black eyes and never changing smile" which show the Chinese's standard of a prefect Chinese, it uses the theme of patriot to express racism.

picture from: Sudden Weekly

Prof. Tao posted a paper titled "Beware Racism in Pop Songs" in Century China's website, it criticise the lyrics in Chinese clearly show racism as the lyrics describe the features of a Chinese which is yellow skinned and black eyes, which does not represent the identity of a race as currently a national state is a multi nationality union, which no regards of skin, hair, eyes and other features to be compared of.

picture from: Sudden Weekly

The paper also state that Taiwanese Lo Da Yuo and Hou De Jian's composition in 'Dong Fang Zi Zhu' and 'Long De Chuan Ren' which uses facial features to present a Chinese but underlying with some means of racism. With regards to Mainland China's composer Tang Yue Sheng's 'Qing Ai De Zhong Guo Wo Ai Ni' (Beloved China, I Love You) has a line in its lyrics "yellow skinned face is the flag of China" which is promoting racism as in admitting that those people whom were not yellow skinned and eyes not black were not citizen of China.

However, professors from Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University were asked on the paper posted and they rebulked Tao's viewing point as they think that the few songs mentioned was referring to colonial periods when westerners and whites battling for power, which is actually anti-racism. Some netizens pointed out that it's nationalism rather than racism.

news from: Apple Daily News