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| Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Currently Sun News is conducting a voting among its reader for this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, it can be seen the status of each nominated movies, directors and actors among the hearts of the Hong Kong citizens. However, the results seems to differ from the views of professionals.

Among the 5 nominated for Best Picture - 7 Swords, Perhaps Love, The Myth, Election and Initial D, Initial D occupied the number one spot with 31.3% of the votes, Perhaps Love second with 28%, meanwhile the Hong Kong film critics prefers Election.

For Best Director, Johnnie To of Election tops the votes with 37.8% which exceeded Andrew Lau and Tsui Hark. In the Best Actor voting, Wait 'Til You're Older's Andy Lau's votes had exceeded half of the votes, whereas Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor Aaron Kowk of Divergence is second. In the eyes of the professionals, their favorite is Tony Leung Kar Fai whom was nominated with 2 movies garned less support, it can be seen the Hong Kong citizens' support of handsome actors.

For the Best Actress which nominees were from different ages, among them, Sammi Cheng of Everlasting Regret has the highest vote of 55.3%, she also won the hearts of the professionals. Zhou Xun, Karena Lam and Karen Mok garned similiar number of votes, while Sylvia Chang is the lowest with 3% of the votes.

news from: Sina.com