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| Monday, March 27, 2006

Andy Lau attended Baleno's 100th branch opening at Tsz Wan Shan Centre yesterday, being the endorser of the company, he specially made an appearance to congratulate the 10th anniversary of Baleno.

As there was too many onlookers, in addition to Andy's fans, the whole centre was congested. The screams were deafening when Andy appeared on stage!

At the activity, Andy become the image consultant as he helped a male audience to makeover, the most comical is that the male audience wore the same white T-shirt as Andy, thus during the phototaking session, Andy quipped that they wore the Brokeback T-shirt! When asked why he said that, he answered: "Because we dressed like cowboys."

Andy revealed that he had collaborated with Baleno in the '80s with Chow Yun Fat and Ray Lui were also their endorsers, but when a new boss took over and invited him to collaborate for 7 years and it is a happy collaboration. When asked if his fees increase every year?

He quipped: "Correct, double the previous year's fees! (Since it's a happy collaboration, any consideration of designing clothes for them?) Never thought of it, because their market was young people, if I were to design, maybe it would be more Chinese flavour."

"I did suggested to them to release undergarments as the design is not important and comfort is more important! (You don't mind people knowing your size?) What to scare? I'm wearing size small! If I'm the endorser, they would not allow me to wear them to take photographs. (Why?) If I'm wearing small size, how am I going to take the photographs, such photographs are not for me!" After saying this, he was being quipped that he had a normal figure. He burst into laughters and sighs: "Male and female are different, we don't differ with ABCD mah."

With regards to the government considering stopping the paparazzi from invading privacy, Andy exclaimed that this ruling is just secondary as the best would be that all reporters need to obtain a "reporter license" to do away the bad reporters as they will report in the normal and correct way. Some of his friends thinks that when encountered with paparazzi, it's like meeting a villian as life get threaten and he thinks that life of an artiste is controlled on the hands of the media. With regards to the actions of the paparazzi, Andy can only sighs as if one's home also got invaded by the paparzzi, it would be really tough as the home is not home anymore. He added: "If everything operates as per normal and the artiste still get affected, then the artiste should reflect on his own."

Andy also pointed out that if the media has a professional consultant, and there's a ruling when one can file a lawsuit against the paparazzi, it would also required months or years to handle it, during the months or years of waiting, the paparazzi could make a big issue out of it, he says: "Before win or lose is decided, the paparazzi had already earned a lot of money."

In addition, Andy's All About Love had successfully nominated into the 49th San Francisco Film Festival, together with the movie, Gubra to fight for the highest honor, it's known that Andy plans to attend the event.

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