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| Monday, March 20, 2006

As the boss of Focus Film, Andy Lau attended the afternoon premiere of the movie, I'll Call You at Causeway Bay as the cast Alex Fong, Lam Ka Tung, Viann Liang, Chan Kwok Kwan, Yuen Qiu and director Lam Tse Chung also attended. Andy then help Lam Tze Chung to wear the graduation hat and presenting the Focus First Cuts graduation certificate to him. On the certificate, it wrote: "Work hard to produce movies, use brains to love the audience."

It was also announced that I'll Call You will representing Hong Kong to compete in the 8th Udinese Film Festival in April where a bottle of champage was opened to celebrate the occassion. Andy expressed that it would crash with his trip to San Francisco for All About Love participating in San Francisco Film Festival with the director as Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung could not attend, but he exclaimed that he really hope to show his support to Lam.

Andy express that he would only consider taking up movie offers only where there's a suitable script. When asked if Andy would use new directors for new projects, he answered that he would as well-known directors in Johnnie To, Andrew Lau and Chan Tat Sum had several projects on hand.

When asked what would be the theme of the movie, Andy exclaimed that he did notice the recent happenings in Hong Kong and would be interested to made them into movies. For example a man falling off a slope in Tai Lam Country Park and have to live on leaves for 7 days, Andy wanted to know why he brought 3 radios, and the recent shootout between three police officers that shook Hong Kong, he wanted to know how they met in the subway pedestrian crossing and the reason behind the shootout and how they open fire in point-blank range.

Andy quipped: "For the police shootout, it can be shot into a trilogy similar to Infernal Affairs, the title can be called Three Policemen in the Subway Pedestrain Crossing. (literally translated). However, I'm not sure if it will come true as we need copyright."

Andy added: "If this incident didn't happen, nobody would believe if it was written into a story, I'm very interested in this incident, it can be shot into a story, I feel that it's similiar to Infernal Affairs III."

Alex Fong is very excited of the movie going to a film festival, as he had to record for his new album but he would like to attend the film festival in Italy, he would tried his best to apply leave from his boss. He pointed out that he shot a scene with Andy and Andy was snatching the camera time from him. Alex added that he would like to reprise the fame Yang Gor role of Andy.

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