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| Friday, March 17, 2006

Andy Lau whom is an actor for so many years as he collaborated with countless actress, he's experienced and natural with kissing scenes, he is so lucky as he even tried kissing with a dolphin before.

He was in Kunming earlier to shoot a new commercial for Taoti green tea which had collaborated with him for many years. The commerical narrates Andy going to the tea garden to look for new creativity.

During the shoot, the shooting crew bump into groups of goat and their breeder. The director then shoot on location as he invites the goats to join in the shoot. The black goat gave Andy a kiss on his forehead as a professional Andy had to endure the smell of the goat and its saliva for this take, this can be considered the hardest intimate scene he had filmed!

Andy stayed in Kunming for 3 days as he was location shooting at the tea garden, the director also approach a few tea leaves pickers to collaborate with Andy as they sing along as they pick. In addition, a group of children was arranged to play with Andy but during shooting, they bump into a goat breeder organising and asking his goats to move forward, they went past Andy and the children whom were standing in front of the tea tree, the director immediately shouted Cut and Andy assist the goat breeder to get the goats away from the camera, it's a comical sight.

After leaving the tea garden, the whole crew set off to a big grassland as once again bump into another goat breeder and his goats. The creative director immediately asked his crew member to approach the goat breeder to borrow one of his goat to shoot some angles. In the end, the goat breeder borrowed a black goat as the director request Andy to lie on the ground to shoot a scene where he communicate with the goat, unexpectedly the goat like Andy a lot as it was making noises and during the official shooting, the goat went forward to kiss Andy's forehead which gave Andy a scare but he could not move away as the director didn't shouted Cut thus he had to give a bitter expression as the crew members burst into laughters.

Andy says: "The director wanted to take a angle where I communicate with the goat, in the end instead of one, we take a total of 7 takes as we need to wait for the goat to make noise to me as if it was communicating with me, initially the goat refuse to make any sound, sigh.... this is the century's hardest to tackle intimate scene as the smell from the goat cannot be describle, it's so strange as it kiss me, it gave a spicy feeling, plus its saliva!"

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