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| Friday, March 17, 2006

In a recent report Hong Kong showbiz gay artistes exposed announced in the Internet is gathering the attention of netizens. Although the report didn't state the name of the artistes but from its description, netizens could analyze and uncover the secret, surprisingly, the handsome and manly heavenly king Andy Lau was tagged as being a bisexual.

The report stated that actually there are quite a few in the showbiz is gay but they're scared that their identity being revealed, it would affect their career thus throughout these years only the late Leslie Cheung and director Stanley Kwan Kam-Pang openly expressed their sexual orientation. Recently, an active gay Hongkonger in the showbiz revealed the "brokeback" namelist to the media, there are a total of 50 names, among them were popular singers and actors, behind-the-scene high officials and radio deejays. The report listed 18 high popularity "gay" but didn't announced their names as they were describe in details as in descriptive words that the person is a wealthy family son, singer-song writer, talented composer and Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor.

When the news broke out, it appeared in Sina's website and netizens begin to post messages. From the messages posted, netizens revealed them one by one and unexpectedly, Andy and Simon Yam whom fans considered many females were in the list!

In the "brokeback" report, one artist whom although become a father but fail to change his sex orientation. "All along, although this gay father has a girlfriend but actually they played on their own, even though having a daughter recently but still fail to change his sex orientation, each of the husband and wife had their own excitement." As Simon and wife QiQi recently borne a daughter and with similiarity of the "gay father", netizen thinks that it was referring to Simon.

Whereas reported that "alleged to be married and have a daughter, but actually a killer of both sexes" Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor, netizens thinks that it was referring to Andy as he was won Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor before, alleged to marry alleged Malaysian girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian and borne a daughter, this "Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor" can be easily related to Andy.

In addition, talented lyricist Lin Xi, TVB artiste Bowie Lam, Wong He and singer Calvin Choi of Grasshopper made into the list of the netizens.

news from: Sina.com