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| Friday, April 14, 2006

Andy Lau was interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday as he went to promote his new song - 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing' (Open Your Eyes). Nancy Sit did a survey titled Open Your Eyes to Love Andy Lau as which part of Andy that everybody like, the survey shows that he's handsome and his eyes are the most attractive, while few pick his figure.

When asked which part of his body is the most attractive, Andy quipped: "I'll pick my figure, I feel that I was the fittest during my concerts but people kept saying that I'm too thin." Currently Andy is most satisfied with his face as his 6 packs at his abs is slowly "disappearing". When asked if the 6 packs combined into one, Andy explain that it's not to that extent as if it really happens, he's isn't worth one mark!

When asked if he always hear many people sing praise that he's handsome, he mischieviously quipped: "Ya, in the past, I don't think many people said that I'm handsome, I think more people said that I acted well after the Hong Kong film Awards, now I should be old and handsome instead."

With regards to reports that he will accept the offer to collaborate with Derek Yee and Peter Chan in a new movie that uses Hollywood flick Traffic as blueprint, when asked if this allegation is true, he admits: "They did approach me to discuss, but everything is still in the in initial stage, there are many characters in the movie, there're drug lord, drug addict, drug trafficker and policemen, every character is special. (Do you know whom they approach?) I'm not sure who else did they approached. (Do you mind be a drug addict?) I don't mind, but I'm afraid that people would say that I'm too thin, actually I've to read the script first before seeing which character is more suitable. (Are you worried that being a drug addict would affect your image?) Nope, it's just in the movies, the audience will understand that the character is a good man, thus there would not be any problem."

In addition, there was allegation by a magazine that you drop hints at the Hong Kong Films Awards that Sammi Cheng was sick, Andy then answers seriously: "You (reporters) are not good! That night I was saying that the fans were delighted to see Sammi, there's no other meaning, and the brave was referred to Liu Kai Chi instead of Sammi, luckily it was recorded down to prove, the report was written together with my comments about Uncle Liu ( Liu Kai Chi). Actually I was happy to know that she's healthy, I initially do not know that she was sitting behind me until I heard her giggle. From what I knew, she's more healthy than me as her skin was better than mine."

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po