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| Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Andy Lau have many fans, among them were several were rather crazy fans. When Andy was interviewed by RTHK yesterday, the deejay, Brian Chow Kwok Fung expressed that a female fan whom claimed to be his girlfriend always sent letters to meet requesting to meet him. Andy pointed out that such things always happens as some even self claimed to be "Mrs. Lau" will go to his company, there're even Japanese female fans waiting outside his apartment as they told the securities to let them in as they're the female owner of the apartment.

Andy was in RTHK to promote his new song - 'Zhang Cai Yan Jing' (literally translated as Open Your Eyes), Brian revealed that there was a letter from a Shenzhen female earlier claiming to be Andy's girlfriend, later she called in to the radio station to find Andy. Andy quipped: "How would you know that I gave my girlfriend cold treatment as I don't meet my girlfriend every day!" Andy exclaimed that he's not surprised of such incident as he says: "I've tried fans going to my company self-claiming that she's "Mrs. Lau". My employess than told me that I was such a playboy!"

The most comical being some Japanese female fans will wait outside his apartment, when they were chased away by the police, they would return again. The fan will tell the security: "Please help bring my luggage in," as they think they're the female owner. Andy expressed that he will explain to the fan and most of the time they would listen to him.

When asked if he faced any "danger moments" during his performance? Andy said: "It's not that dangerous, normally fans will dashed on to the stage and grab hold of me when I attend TV variety programmes, I just allow them to hold me before I slowly guide them off the stage, save the trouble of the securities!"

There was reports yesterday that dyeing of hair colour would result cancer, Andy whom dyed his hair blonde before to impersonate David Beckham in the late Anita Mui's concert feel that one need to be careful when dyeing hair colour, most important not to touch the hair root. He's also not worried of hair loss as it could be another form of beauty. When asked if he's vain? He quipped: "Don't say like that!" Andy pointed out that he took care of his skin as he would applied moisturizer when his skins are dry.

When asked what hairstyle would he like to try, Andy revealed that he planned to keep his hair longer as some period movies were waiting to start shooting as he don't wish to wear wig as the glue on the face, it's so scary and it would also look unreal, I rather keep long long for period movies.

With regards to Singapore singer used his name to rhyme into a song titled 'Liu x Hua', Andy was not angry but rather amused as he says: "The song title sounds vulgar, why not named it 'Liu Hua' would be better! His voice sound like Aaron Kwok!"

In addition, Alan Tam is currently doing the preparation for the Beijing Olympics theme song, Andy pointed out that Alan did invite him to sing the song, he personally loved sports meet as he could also participate in its activities, he will surely support it. Andy also pointed out when the Chinese volleyball team won in the last Olympics, he was so touched that he cried. When asked if he would join the Asian bowling selection, he expressed that he won't take part as Ng Ka Lok had exceeded him to become the artiste that have the best results in bowling.

news from: SingPao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Sina.com

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