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| Sunday, April 16, 2006

Surely Andy Lau is a stubborn man, although he only admitted that he chose to be kind and stubborn, but he has undying regrets with movies. For his movie dream, he set up his own company to invest in movies, he tried losing money which took him many years to clear his debt, he taught he learnt his lesson by asking a boss as his support, but it resulted in lawsuit and come away with an unhappy ending. After all these setbacks, he made a return as this time round was to nurture newbie actors and directors to save the Hong Kong movie industry which shows slight cracks.

As an actor, Andy does his best for his movies, which does not disappoint himself, investors and the audience, in return to give back to the industry as his fame and fortune was given to him by this industry, most importantly, he feel bad about it. When the Hong Kong movie industry was doing well, he also took part in some lousy movies which caused the movie industry to go downwards, he self admitted that he was one of the "killers", thus with all his abilities, he hope to gain back the audiences' confidence, at least confidence in his movies and willing to watch them.

Any investors must do their own calculations, according to Andy Lau's past records of setting up companies, he stress too much on dreams and lack of planning and commercial marketing, losing a lot of money as a lesson. When he set up Focus Film, his first movie All About Love did not include his own asking fees, the production fee is $20 million. Initially without the confidence of earning money as he estimated to lose around 20% and he would be satisfied as his aim is to shoot a pure artistic love film which nobody had produced for close to 10 years.

After his wish is fulfill, of course the company could not carry on this kind of operation, his company recently launched the Focus First Cuts which give new directors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan a chance in 6 different HD films, among them Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You had already been screened, Andy also cameo in the film.

Earning money with acting and nurturing newbies, the movies offers that Andy accepted in recent years need more deep to express its content. Due to the industry downturn, the movies produced had reduced as actors lose their chance to be casted in lousy movies, but for a movie to be considered good or bad, the casting is also very important.

After Running On Karma, he was in the movie Wait 'Til You're Older last year, as he lend his acting of the character to bring out a message, although the latter movie did not follow the former to help him win a Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, but this is the movie among all his movies that his mother feel that was the most touching, this is important than any other awards.

After wrapping up the shooting of Battle of Wits, Andy is currently busy recording his Cantonese album and commercial shootings, his work is more relaxed, thus he could find time to attend the promotion of I'll Call You, attended the 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival as its honor ambassador, find time to meet Sammi Cheng for high tea, being spotted meeting Winnie Leung for tea in a hotel, always being tagged as hardworking as a ox, other than playing bowling, he does not have any other relaxation activities, other than work, he should be enjoying life.

news from: Wei Wen Po

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