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| Tuesday, May 23, 2006

With his admiration of Mainland China director Xie Jin, Andy Lau is willing to accept a low fees of $700,000 reminbi to be cast in Xie's new movie, Romantic Evening (literally translated), shooting will starts in Hanzhou in June. In a recent press conference, Xie openly expressed that he was very touched that Andy is willing to take $700,000 reminbi for his fees to be cast in his movie.

Having a healthy image, other than being the male lead for Xie's new movie, he was also cast as the male lead for Stanley Tong's new movie, Diary (literally translated) as he will be an anti-Japanese hero. Diary is based on Nanjing Massacre, this is also the first time that The State Administration of Radio Film and TV P.R.C relax on their restriction in 20 years to allow a movie on Nanjing Massacre.

Stanley expressed that shooting for Diary will starts at the end of the year, it's estimated to have a budget of US$35 million, currently he had Andy, Chow Yun Fat and Maggie Cheung as his cast, with regards to the detail castings, he would decide in a later date.

news from: ETToday