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| Friday, May 12, 2006

A reporter was told by Huayi Brothers that Battle of Wits, a US$16 million production had completed its first editing. Andy Lau do away with his "prefect image" in the movie as it's without traces of his idol image, it's the period wanderer Ge Li to replace himself. Director Jacob Chang express that this movie does not use camera tatics but rather uses narrative to show off the battle scenes. However, it was the love relationship scenes between Andy and Fan Bingbing that's giving him the most headaches.

Jacob express that since the beginning, he always avoid such "beauty and hero" model as he wanted to bring out the message of cruelty of war, but in the end it would be too direct, "What would let the audience to understand the cruelty of war? That's when you can't even rescue your loved one!" Therefore, under the circumstances of war to bring out the love of Ge Li and Fan's character become the most problematic way of Jacob.

Two third of the movie required special effects, Jacob exclaimed: "The best special effect is to allow the audience to forget that special effects was used."

From understanding, the company had already looking for voice over of Andy, Nicky Wu, Choi Si Won and Ahn Sung Ki, most importantly is to find the most suitable voice-over for Andy's character.

news from: Sina.com