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| Friday, May 12, 2006

Stephen Fung had always wanted to re-shoot Lung Kong's Upright Repenter (1969) which Lung directed and starred. He had earlier bought the movie's copyright and was currently looking for investors. It's heard that other than Andy Lau whom had agreed to invest and star in the movie, Stephen confirmed yesterday that Andy had indeed contacted him but nothing had been confirmed but show interest in the script, thus he hope to collaborate with him.

Stephen feel that Andy is the most suitable person to be Lee Cheuk-hung. The poster of the movie had been displayed in May's Cannes Film Festival to test its reactions. Stephen never thought that Andy would be willing to be cast in the movie, he said in a telephone interview, "I dine with Andy earlier and I told him about this movie, he like it immediately and quick to agree for a collaboration, he's also willing to invest, I really had to thanks him as he show his love and support for new directors, other than Andy agreed to take up Patrick Tse's ex-prisoner role, previously the role was given to Edison Chen or Jay Chou, the final confirmation would have to wait till the script being finished." Stephen feel that there should be a hero representative in every generation, there's Patrick Tse in the 60s, Chow Yun Fat in the 80s and Andy would be respresenting 2000s.

When reporters contacted Andy on the matter yesterday, he express that Stephen did get in contacted with him but everything are still being negotiate. Andy pointed out that Stephen showed him the script of Lung Kong's version and feel that it's an exciting script which interest him to act in it, with the expected high investment, even if Andy is to invest, he would be the largest boss or whether there would be other companies to collaborate, it's yet to be confirmed. Andy said: "I'm very interested in this movie, due to the expected high investment, I believe I myself would not be able to be the sole investor, the movie will be introduce in the coming Cannes Film Festival, it shall see the reactions from film companies."

In Lung Kong's version which cast Patrick Tse and John Woo's version (A Better Tomorrow) which cast Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung and Di Lung, when asked if he's worried of being compared? He says: "In the 60s, a definition of a hero is able to do it for the family, in the 80s a hero is one whom is loyal to his friends, so what will be the definition of a hero is the new millennium, believed everyone would like to watch it, every generation is different, it shall not be used for comparison." When asked which character which he would like to act, Andy exclaimed that it was not yet confirmed or would like to create a whole new Brother Mark hero character, he hope that the collaboration would be successful.

In addition, Jacob Chang, the director of Andy's latest movie - Battle of Wits had expressed that two third of the movie requires special effects. Andy exclaimed that his character - Ge Li would be different from his past idol image, he insist not to wear imitation costume and went to take a antique costume, he smell it and said: "This is the smell, this is wanderer Ge Li's costume."

news from: SingTao New, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Apple Daily News